Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Boy is it Hot!

Dry Bones cartoon,Israel, heat wave,
According to Arutz Sheva (Israel National News):
Near-constant heat wave shows no signs of letting up; Israelis spend another week waiting for a cool break.

The heat wave which began a few days ago will continue to oppress Israelis until the end of the week, forecasters said.

Wednesday will see a drop in temperatures, but the heat will remain oppressive around the country, with the eastern valleys and Arava regions experiencing heavy to extreme heat. On Wednesday and Wednesday night, temperatures are expected to be between 25-40 degrees Celsius (77 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) in Kiryat Shmona, 25-33 degrees Celsius (77-91.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in Tzfat, 26-32 (78.8-89.6) degrees in Haifa and Tel Aviv, 24-34 (75.2-93.2) degrees in Jerusalem, and 23-37 (23.4-98.6) degrees in the southern city of Be'er Sheva.

The Environmental Protection Ministry expects "moderate" air pollution over all of Israel, with the eastern Negev and southern Judea regions experiencing moderate to high pollution on Wednesday evening and night. The heat will lessen slightly on Thursday, but temperatures will remain higher than average in Israel's mountainous and inland regions, and muggy along the coast. Air pollution on Thursday morning is expected to be low to moderate in all regions of Israel.Friday will see a rise in temperatures, and the heat will become more oppressive.

Temperatures will continue to rise on Saturday, when the heat wave reaches its peak.