Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Lag Ba'Omer

Dry Bones cartoon,Lag Ba'Omer, bonfire, holiday, Jewish,
Our one-day holiday of Lag Ba'Omer will begin tomorrow night, with the end of Shabbat (May 13). It is celebrated with bonfires and kids playing with bows and arrows.

I love drawing happy holiday cartoons, so much of the time I use Dry Bones to "Fight Back" against the waves of antagonism and hatred that are constantly directed against us and our Jewish State.

This got me to think about collecting cartoons into a book called Dry Bones Cartoons Fight Back. Maybe I'll do it. I've been looking through my archives. Some of the cartoons are funny, many are angry, none are politically correct.

Meanwhile, may we all have a Happy Lag Ba'Omer!

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