Thursday, December 15, 2016

Legacies . . .His and Ours.

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Yes, Aleppo is Part of Obama's Legacy

* * *
So now, maybe, it's time to think about OUR legacy. Yours and mine.

As you know, my Dry Bones cartoons fight against antisemitism and BDS. I distribute these Dry Bones cartoons through many channels, at no charge to you and to my other readers, but the operation costs me an annual $100,000. So how, I wondered, can I find this annual $100,000? I then thought of “the 36”. The Lamed Vavnikim. Let me explain. Medieval Jewish mystics wrestled with a baffling question; “Given the wickedness of humanity and the cruelty of the world, why doesn’t an angry Creator simply destroy his creation?” Pouring over both Biblical and “hidden” texts they deduced that in every generation there are 36 people, hidden from view, whose righteousness prevents the divine destruction of our world. In the Hebrew numerological system, the two Hebrew letters Lamed and Vav, written as a word, represents the number 36. And so the hidden righteous “thirty-sixers” who save the world are called the Lamed Vavnikim.

So how will I raise our annual budget of $100,000?
The answer is simple. But the search is difficult. I need to find my Thirty Sixers. . . . my “Lamed Vavnikim”. Thirty Six righteous people who would each give $3,000 a year to help turn this often wicked world into “a better place” (Tikun Olam).

It'll be YOUR legacy.

If you can and will become one of my Dry Bones 36 (Lamed Vavnikim) by joining this special group, just click on this Link.

If you are unable to join the 36, please give what you can.

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