Sunday, October 09, 2016

Campus Life: No Platforming

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According to The Independent (UK):
"The President of the National Union for Students (NUS) has defended the the union's No Platform policy, claiming places of education should be "safe spaces in which to debate and discuss ideas".

Malia Bouattia, who was elected NUS President in April, said 'no platforming' - a policy that asserts no proscribed person or organisation should be given a platform to speak - helped ensure "engagement, inclusion and accessibility for all", and denied that it prevented problematic viewpoints from being challenged.

Speaking in an interview aired on the BBC's Today programme, Ms Bouattia said: "Safe spaces are an application of democratic processes and we want to ensure that spaces of education - student unions and so on - are safe spaces in which to debate and in which to discuss ideas."-more

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