Friday, March 25, 2016

Superman and Moses

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Superman V Batman? The movie with Israeli actress Gal Gadot as the Amazon Wonder Woman? No! It’s Moses V Pharaoh! The Haggadah with online Amazon as the sole distributor. Superman was created in 1938 by two Jews, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. To build a super hero they turned to Moses and Israel for inspiration. The secret truth about their creation is how very Jewish it is. Superman as a baby, like baby Moses, was saved from death by being lovingly placed in an ark by his mother and sent off to be found and raised by a foster mother. American Jews were routinely given a secret Jewish name and an “American” name. Siegel and Shuster gave their hero a secret Jewish name. They knew that many “Jewish” names ended in EL (Micha-el, Isra-el, Ezeki-el, Shmu-el, etc.) so the baby’s real name was Kal-El and his father was Jor-El. His American name was, of course, Clark Kent. Clark, like the Jews in Siegel and Shuster’s America, was the immigrant survivor of a lost, destroyed civilization. It would not be until ten years later, in 1948, that the incredible would happen. Siegel and Shuster’s “lost, destroyed civilization” would be reborn when the State of Israel would rise again in the ancient land of Israel. A great deal can be written about the Jewishness of Superman, the first super hero, but to read “the original” you’ve got to read and enjoy the Passover Haggadah. Get yours, while supplies last, at

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