Monday, June 08, 2015

French Antisemitism: the Spider

 Dry Bones cartoon, Kirschen, Israel, cartoons, FECO, Bouton, FECO, antisemitism, Jew Hatred,Nazis, Antisemitism is a behavioral and cultural virus. It is most effectively transmitted through cartoon images. The Nazis assembled a collection of antisemitic viral images. The collection is surprisingly small and focused. One of those hateful images is the Jew as an evil spider. This image has been regularly used in antisemitic cartoons for decades since the Nazis included it in their vocabulary. The above cartoon in which the Jewish spider (His legs are in the shape of the Menorah) has Gaza in its web is a classic piece of antisemitism.

Embarrassingly it is by Bernard Bouton, a French cartoonist who is (incredibly) the current President of the Federation of European Cartoonist Organizations (FECO).
Below are a sample of other antisemitic spider cartoons

First two Nazi cartoons

Next an early Jewish spider conquers the world cartoon

Here's a cartoon from rhe Soviet Union

Next an Egyptian cartoon

A cartoon by a Palestinian Arab cartoonist

A Cartoon done in 2014 to commemorate Israel's 66th Birthday.
The spider's web is blocking a keyhole (presumably to the door of the millions of Arabs who want entry to the Jewish State)

And lastly a Jewish spider with Gaza in its web cartoon (surprisingly similar to Bouton's later cartoon)

I am a member of Israel's Cartoonists Organization, a member organization of the Federation of European Cartoonist Organizations (FECO), the group that Bouton heads. I don't expect Bernard Bouton to apologize, but perhaps he should just quietly resign.

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