Friday, April 24, 2015

A DryBones Proposal

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The Internet and Academia is being flooded with antisemitic cartoons of hate that promote violence against us.
The Jewish people and the State of Israel CAN win the Cartoon Wars, but it's going to require the setting up of a professional institute to train a new generation of cartoon activists,
so we are setting up an Online Dry Bones Academy of Cartoon Advocacy and Activism!
. . . and that will take more than our forty years of Dry Bones experience and know-how, it'll take financial support,
The Dry Bones Academy needs donors and supporters.

We've prepared a serious and detailed proposal. To see a pdf of the proposal click on

And to see a page of info for donors/supporters click on

If you (or a potential donor you know) can help, please do so (or forward this appeal to them). With proper financial backing the Online Dry Bones Academy and its courses will be academic, innovative, and effective.
Thank you,
Yaakov Kirschen

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