Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Good News Bad News

Kirschen, Dry Bones cartoon,Kirschen, Abbas, plo, terror, terrorism, king Solomon,
Äbbas? According to the Daily Beast:
Palestinian Dictator Mahmoud Abbas Gets a Free Pass
"The supposedly moderated president hugs a genocidal tyrant and bans elections while the world remains silent. Which “moderate” Arab president publicly hugged the genocidal leader of Sudan last week? Which Middle Eastern “reformer” just entered his 10th year of a four-year term? Which Western “ally” days ago ordered an investigation into a cartoonist for possibly drawing Mohammed? The answer is Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. These three stories barely made it into Western press. Why? Put simply, the bar has been set so low that they were not deemed newsworthy. An Arab leader who doesn’t allow elections? Yawn. A Middle Eastern president who embraces one of the worst mass murderers in recent history? Nothing to see here. There is a tragic disconnect between Western rhetoric and Arab reality. Abbas, if one listens to leaders of the free world, is a moderate, reformer and ally. He is better than Hamas, after all, isn’t he?"-more
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