Monday, November 03, 2014

It's Happening Again

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Jews have lived through the fall of many civilizations. We watched as the civilization of the ancient Greeks fell. We saw the fall of the Roman Empire. And we wrote a book that we've carried with us through history. In that book we noted that "in every generation they rise up against us". That book is, of course, the Haggadah, and once again they are rising up against us, and once again we are witnessing the fall of another mighty empire. This time it is Western Civilization that seems to be going down the tubes. To get your copy of the Haggadah click on

Meanwhile, according to the Washington Post:

War has damaged all but one of Syria’s World Heritage Sites, satellite images show
"A new report from the American Association for the Advancement of Science shows the extent of that destruction: Using high-resolution satellite imagery, AAAS discovered that five of Syria's six World Heritage Sites had sustained significant damage.
Only the ancient city of Damascus appears to have been spared."

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