Thursday, October 23, 2014

Turkey, Nato, and the Kurds

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According to Danish TV TeleSUR English:
Silencing a People: How Turkey is Depriving Kurds of a Voice:
When Naila Bozo met Denmark's prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen as a school girl, she couldn't have known behind his amiable demeanor, he was selling out her people.
“He came to my school and I saw him walk around the schoolyard. He helped my sister with her homework,” Bozo told teleSUR English.
Earlier this year, Wikileaks published cables indicating Rasmussen was at the center of a secret deal between Turkey and the Danish government to crush a Denmark-based Kurdish language television station, Roj TV. The controversial closure of Roj TV sparked a furor from free speech advocates and Kurdish activists, who accused the Danish government of selling out free speech so Rasmussen could land a job as the secretary general of NATO. Without Turkish support, Rasmussen's bid to head the world's largest military alliance would have been vetoed."-more

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