Thursday, August 14, 2014

High Holiday Gift

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In this tense period both in Israel and around the Jewish world we seem to be both more together and more isolated than ever. Once again "they rise up against us." This coming New Year will be significant for the Jewish People. The High Holidays will soon be upon us. They begin with Rosh Hashanah (sunset of Wednesday, September 24, 2014) and end with the end of Sukkot(nightfall of Wednesday, October 15, 2014)

The Dry Bones Haggadah makes a unique and perfect gift this year.
Check it out at our Dry Bones Store (the only place where they are for sale):

We, I and the LSW (Long Suffering Wife), mail the Haggadahs from our living room in Israel, so order now to give the Post Office time to reach you.

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