Sunday, March 23, 2014

Diary: the Intern's Rant

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Haggadah Diary: Here's an unsolicited letter (one of many) from someone who just received his Haggadah.
I just received my Haggadah. I love it! I just ordered 3 more first editions to give to our kids who won't be with us for Pesach (they live in various parts of the country) so each family has one for Seder. I'm retired & on a fixed income so I can't afford to buy enough for each Seder table but at least each family will be able to pass it around to enjoy it & I'll be able to shep nachas knowing that even though we are not all together, this will be my part in each of their Seders.
Thank you for making this possible. Have a wonderful Zisen Pesach.
-Name Withheld

Passover is fast approaching and we are mailing from Israel, so time is short!
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