Wednesday, November 06, 2013

04 Peek Inside Banner

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The Peek Inside Banner
Having the Haggadah text framed by Dry Bones cartoon commentary was my idea. But then the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) who is a well-known Tel Aviv painter, and Kim (our talented graphic artist/book designer) got their hands on my work, Kim compulsively tweaking the balance of the parallel Hebrew and English texts and, consulting with the LSW on color selection with the goal of making each page-spread a coherent work of art.

So I've decided that at the Dry Bones Haggadah booth at the upcoming GA we should have a giant banner to give folks a peek at the inside pages. The banner is now being printed as I write this.:

* * *

This is Haggadah Diary Episode 04

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To Be Continued . . .
You can get your set of haggadahs (in plain brown boxes) in one of two ways. One, online at the and two, at our booth at the upcoming General Assembly of the Jewish Federations to be held in Jerusalem on Nov 10-11.

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