Sunday, November 03, 2013

02 The Wrinkle

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Thursday, October 31,

The upcoming General Assembly of the Jewish Federations is set to open in 10 days where we've taken a Dry Bones Haggadahs booth to launch our "campaign to make our Haggadah THE Haggadah for 2014 and generations to come". We paid for an initial printing of 1200 Haggadahs, with the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) hovering over the printing press, inspecting, examining, and color-correcting each page before giving the go ahead to start the print run.
The Haggadahs have now been printed and bound. They are now in boxes of 80 (at the print shop in Jerusalem).
Kim, our talented book designer and cover artist is coming to visit today so we can work on designing the Dry Bones Haggadah banners for the GA.  As she'll be driving from Jerusalem, she's offered to shlep five boxes of Haggadahs to us.

Everything seems to be on track.
* * *

The Haggadahs Arrive!

Above: The LSW (Long Suffering Wife unloads the first carton of books from the trunk of Kim's car. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Below:  Shlepping the cartons through our backyard and into the house.

The Plan:

We've printed out mailing labels for the hundreds of folks who have pre-ordered Haggadahs at our Mom and Pop Store, We've got the plain brown boxes, we've become expert at tape sealing, and we're going to mail out the Haggadahs tomorrow. The rest we'll present at the GA where we hope to cut some bulk order arrangements.

The Wrinkle!!!?!
In our living room:  The LSW (sitting on the steps) and Kim (sitting on the floor) discover that something is wrong! there are "wrinkles" on several pages of each Haggadahs. After a solid year's effort to produce the most beautiful and perfect work possible it is decided that we have to reject the books and reprint. But how? Yikes! 

What else could possibly go wrong? We were soon to find out.

* * *
This is Haggadah Diary Episode 02
Click for Haggadah Diary Episode 01

To Be Continued . . .

You can get your set of haggadahs (in plain brown boxes) in one of two ways. One, online at the and two, at our booth at the upcoming General Assembly of the Jewish Federations to be held in Jerusalem on Nov 10-11.

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