Thursday, October 17, 2013

the Haggadah for 2014

Dry Bones, cartoon, holidays, Holiday, jews, judaica,Jewish Culture, haggadah, Israel, history, generations, continuity, jewish continuity, passover, pesach, pessach, digital haggadah, haggada, hagadda, hagada  I and the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) have spent the last year on the creation of a very special haggadah that I believe can deliver the gift of Jewish Continuity and the Joy of being Jewish. Our goal is to make this THE haggadah for 2014 and for generations to come. It has, at last, been fully checked and proofread. The First Edition of the Dry Bones Passover Haggadah is about to go to press in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile the ebook (pdf) is ready. If you were a Kickstarter Haggadah Funder you'll be getting your Digital Haggadah within a few days.
Others can check it out at

Let's make this THE Haggadah for 2014!

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