Friday, March 08, 2013

a Plague of Locusts

Dry Bones,locusts, Egypt, Plagues, Passover, Shuldig, Haggadah, kickstarter, Passover, Pessach, Holiday, Dry Bones,  Yup. That's right. A plague of locusts in Egypt spilling into Israel's south.
The latest according to NPR:
Egypt's Locust Plague Threatens Israel
"A swarm of locusts that began in Egypt and has crossed the border into Israel is inviting comparison to one of the Biblical plagues of Exodus.

The New York Times says the swarms are "... like a vivid enactment of the eighth plague visited upon the obdurate Pharaoh. Others with a more modern sensibility said it felt more like Hitchcock."

"Locust clouds were darkening skies on Wednesday, three weeks before the Jewish Passover holiday that recalls 10 Biblical plagues, one of them locusts, that struck Egypt during the exodus of Israelite slaves," The Guardian said.

According to Egypt's Al-Ahram, at least 20 swarms of locusts, each comprising up to 80 million insects, have invaded Egypt over the past three months and there are more believed to be waiting in the wings, so to speak, along the country's southern border with Sudan."- -more

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Happy Passover to One and All!

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