Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bibi and the U.S. President (1998)

dry bones

January 04, 1998
Dry Bones, cartoon, golden oldie
I often have fun wondering where we were and what was going on 10 and twenty years ago. I don't do crosswords or Suduko's, I'm not interested in Horoscopes or Sports, But if a newspaper has a 25 years ago this month kind of feature, I always read it. So when I began the Dry Bones blog back in 2005 I decided to have two Golden Oldies each week.

Sometimes I look for cartoons that are pertinent to current events, but mostly I like to just see what was going on in the "Old Days". Today I decided to take a peek at January 1998, fifteen years ago this month.

Interesting, hey? Your thoughts?

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