Friday, November 16, 2012

Gaza War

 Palestine, Palestinians, Gaza, Hamas, War, Israel, Missiles, Islamism, Islamists, kirschen : Dry Bones cartoon. "In every generation they rise up against us". And we now stand with the generations before us.
* * *
Your chance to help me send a Dry Bones message of peoplehood to generations of Jews to come, ends today with the close of the Dry Bones Kickstarter Haggadah campaign. If you are a fan or friend, and have not yet joined the campaign, please check it out. Click on Dry Bones Kickstarter Campaign. No obligation. An alternative is to click on the kickstarter link at
And to the hundreds of Friends and Fans who have already made the project an overwhelming and huge success ...thank you, thank you, thank you!!

With today's close of the Haggadah Project campaign I'll be away for one week. No new cartoons 'til I get back.

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