Wednesday, August 22, 2012

21st Century Islamism

Iran, Sunni, Shia, Shi'ite, Mosque, Moslems, Islamism, Terrorism, War, religion,    kirschen : Dry Bones cartoon. The roots of today's cartoon are in a song that Pete Seeger and other "folk singers" sang during those long-ago years when I was starting college and folk music was all the rage. Those long-ago years were SO far back in time that leftist folk singers in America proudly sang Israeli folk songs as part of their rousing repertoire.

One of the ditties in their song bag was a song called "Old Man Atom", written by Vern Partlow. The song was comical, timely, and fun, in spite of its subject matter (the Atomic Bomn). The song was recorded and rerecorded by many artists, including the famous mainstream country group, Sons of the Pioneers.

One line in the catchy and controversial song was:

"The people of the world must pick out a thesis
Peace in the world, or the world in pieces"

When I sat down to do today's cartoon, that old song popped into my head.
For more of the story of the song click on Old Man Atom.

So are you so old that you can remember that song?

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