Monday, June 04, 2012

Show Trials in Egypt

Dry Bones cartoon: Egypt, Egyptians Riots, Mubarak, Trial, Tahrir, Arab Spring, demonstrations,
Apparently the mob may not be satisfied with a bone.
They want blood!!
The latest, according to CBS NEWS:

Life sentence for Egypt's Mubarak; sons acquitted

"CAIRO — Former President Hosni Mubarak has received a life sentence for failing to stop the killing of protesters during Egypt's uprising. But he and his sons have been cleared of corruption charges, setting off protests for greater accountability for 30 years of abuses under the old regime.

By nightfall on Saturday, a large crowd of up to 10,000 was back in Cairo's Tahrir Square, the birthplace of the uprising, to vent anger over the acquittals. Similar protests went on in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria and Suez on the Red Sea."-more

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