Monday, February 13, 2012

Israeli Income

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Here in Israel we are having labor problems. We just went through a general strike. One sector, however, has no problems. It just gave itself a retroactive raise in pay. Yup. The Knesset.

Details from the Jerusalem Post:

MKs unanimously approve raising their salaries

"One day before a planned general strike by the Histadrut labor federation over contract workers, the Knesset House Committee on Tuesday voted to give MKs a monthly raise of almost NIS 1,200, as well as a one-time payment of almost NIS 15,000.

MKs’ salaries are raised according to increases in the country’s average salary. In 2008, the increase was 3.3 percent. In 2009 there was a freeze.

The freeze remained in effect until now, although in 2010 a public panel that determines MK salaries recommended that legislators receive another 3.3% raise, which came to NIS 1,191 per month, with the updated monthly salary being NIS 40,891.

The eight MKs attending Tuesday’s House Committee meeting, all of whom were from the coalition, voted in favor of the raise.

MKs will also receive a one-time payment totaling NIS 14,995, representing a retroactive raise for January 2012 and all of 2011."-more

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