Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Way We Were (1976)

November 28, 1976
(1976) Dry Bones cartoon: Winter, kerosene, Jerusalem, Shuldig, Inflation, 1976
Today's Golden Oldie is from the winter of 1976. Thirty Five years ago!!

I lived in Jerusalem back then and there is nothing that seemed as bone-chillingly cold as those winters in Jerusalem. Part of the problem was that Jerusalem's stone buildings were built to be cool in the summer heat, but when a snowy Jerusalem winter blew in, they were even cooler. Another part of the problem was that we all kept warm with small heaters that burned what we, in our local English dialect called "neft". It wasn't until years later that I learned that "neft"was actually kerosene!

They way we got our "neft"was to shlep a "jerry can" to a gas station or to wait for the neft delivery truck which had a tank from which patrons would fill their jerry cans, jugs, and bottles.

In the cartoon a frigid Mr. Shuldig is trudging home buttoned up against the cold, and musing on the inflation that was ravaging the country at the time.

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