Thursday, November 24, 2011

Peace With Egypt (1973)

November 16, 1973
(1973) Dry Bones cartoon: Shuldig, Egypt, Egyptians Riots, Arab Spring, Peace Agreement, Peace, 1973,
This Golden Oldie is from November 1973. We were about to begin peace talks with Egypt.

Current riots and unrest in post-Mubarak Egypt prompted me to post this thirty-eight year-old cartoon today.

This cartoon was done when the strip was less than a year old (I had begun drawing Dry Bones on January 1, 1973).

Mistake Dept: Back in 1973 most Israelis were smokers, as was Mr. Shuldig. I usually drew him speaking with a cigarette dangling on his lips. I just noticed that in panel three of the cartoon I forgot to draw in the cigarette.
Too late to fix the error.

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