Monday, August 22, 2011


Egypt, Israel, Gaza, Sinai, Terrorism, Iran  : Dry Bones cartoon.
It began on Thursday with a number of coordinated murderous attacks on Israelis by teams of terrorists who had come from Gaza and had crossed into Israel from the Sinai peninsula. Israel responded, and Gazans launched a rain of missiles on Southern Israeli towns and cities. Egyptians then denounced Israel, attacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo, and called for an end to the peace treaty.

The entire exercise, I believe, is part of the Iranian attempt to encircle Israel and take over the Middle East. Iran's Hezbollah forces are in Lebanon on our Northern border while Hamas, Iran's puppets in Gaza, are on our Southern border. Egypt seems destined to fall into the hands of Islamist forces.

Sinai seems to have gone from being demilitarized to being "remilitarized", and events are moving at break-neck speed.

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