Thursday, August 04, 2011

Fund Raising (1991)


(2001)fund raising, Immigration, Philanthropy, Jewish, 1991,: a Dry Bones cartoon
Today's cartoon is from August 1991.

I looked for a twenty year-old golden oldie and found this one.

Back then, the cartoon was about immigration, but as I look at it now it's about Jewish Philanthropy saving the day.

I laughed when I read the cartoon.

That's because right now I'm looking for someone to write a check for my new project. It is a project to reclaim Jewish history from the history-deniers.

The world now believes that it is the Arabs who are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel and that Israel is a colonial state. This required the erasing of 3500 years of our history in the land.

I have a plan to reclaim our history. It's code-named Project 3500.

So here I am looking for funding, and eager to be like the guy in the last panel of today's cartoon.

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