Friday, August 26, 2011

Arab Spring?

Arab Spring, antisemitism, anti-Zionism, Islamism, Israel, Egypt, Cairo  : Dry Bones cartoon.

The latest, from YNet:
Egyptians plan million-man rally against Israel

"Facebook groups call for mass protest outside Israeli embassy in Cairo, as protesters demand ambassador be expelled, embassy be closed

Egyptian daily al-Youm al-Saba'a reported Wednesday that Egyptian citizens have created groups on Facebook and other social networks calling for "a million-man protest" outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo on Friday.

The protesters say the focus of the demonstration will be the demand to have the Israeli ambassador expelled from Egypt and Israel's embassy in the capital closed." -more

And this from the National Review:

Annals of the Arab Spring: Al-Qaeda Launches from Egypt to Attack Israel

"In Egypt, where the public has always been predominantly ant-Israeli — in contrast to the Mubarak regime, which was pro-American and maintained the peace with Israel — demonstrations against Israel have broken out. Crowds are burning the Egyptian flag and one demonstrator scaled the 15-story wall of the Israeli embassy, tore down the Israeli flag, and replaced it with an Egyptian flag. "-more

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