Friday, July 08, 2011

Security Briefing

Gaza, Flotilla, Ben Gurion, airport security, Israel, Palestinians, profiling,   : Dry Bones cartoon.
As I write this it looks like the flotilla has been stopped and a "Fly-In" of "activists" is in the works for this weekend. So I thought about our airport security people and how they'd be preparing, and came up with a cartoon that I hope gave you a chuckle.

Meanwhile, According to Y Net:

"Israel bars 300 activists from flying to Israel

Ahead of fly-in, state issues blacklist of pro-Palestinian activists blocked from boarding Israel-bound flights. Organizer says airlines complying, cites emails sent to passengers canceling trips 'as per Israel's instructions'

Israeli security has distributed a blacklist among foreign airlines, featuring names of 300 activists who will not be allowed on Israel-bound flights. The measure comes in preparation for the pro-Palestinian fly-in, which is scheduled to take place over the upcoming weekend.

Israel told the airlines that the blacklisted individuals, most of whom come from France, are unauthorized to enter the state. The air carriers, in turn, promised to prohibit these individuals from boarding flights." -more

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