Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Murdoch and Wikileaks

hacking, Julian Assange, Murdoch, News Corp, Wikileaks : Dry Bones cartoon.
It was not that long ago that progressive media pundits and newspapers were treating Wikileaks as some kind of asset to democracy, and Julian Assange as some kind of hero. I fumed over the damage done by the publishing of criminally obtained secret documents. So now the hacking for newsworthy items is back in the news. Only this time it's Rupert Murdoch's people who've done it. And all hell has broken loose?!!??

If Assange was a hero, why isn't Murdoch? And if Murdoch is to be universally reviled, why not Assange?

And, while we're asking questions, has anyone commented on the fact that both Murdoch and Assange are Australians? Are there any conspiracy theorists out there who could come up with an explanation?


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