Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Iranian Nukes

Iranian Nukes : Dry Bones cartoon.
As the cartoon points out, we don't know what Iran is planning. But we're getting ready for any eventuality. Israel has just launched a five-day civil-defense drill.

According to the V.O. A:

"With the Middle East in turmoil, Israel is preparing for the possibility of a regional war.

As part of preparations for such a scenario the country has begun a five-day civil-defense drill to deal with the threat of a massive missile and rocket bombardment from several fronts: Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. -more from voa

* * *
In light of the above:

Many years ago the Tel Aviv Municipality, as part of its program to support the arts, decided to allow selected artists to use bomb shelters as studios. The LSW (Long Suffering Wife) is one of those selected artists. Today she's at her studio, but today she's not being a painter. Today she's an air-raid warden, being part of the massive drill.

Here's one of her paintings of Tel Aviv. It's of her favorite Juice Bar on a peaceful, tree-lined Tel Aviv Boulevard:
Juice Bar : oil painting by Sali Ariel.

"Juice Bar Doggie" by Sali Ariel

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