Thursday, April 07, 2011

It's About Time (1986)

1986, Israel, Shuldig, Summer Time: a Dry Bones Cartoon

Today's "Golden Oldie" is the Dry Bones cartoon that I did exactly 25 years ago today!

It was April 07, 1986 and Israel had not yet gone onto "Summer Time". It became a political issue and my cartoon alter ego, Mr. Shuldig, decided to get into the fight. In this cartoon he is a V-sign flashing, "sixties activist" for a supposed "movement" to turn our clocks ahead by one hour without government sanction!.

* * *
Cartooning points: In this cartoon I wrestled with two problems presented by my drawing style.

One. Back then I did not draw dots in people's eyes. So in this cartoon I had to show the changing emotions on Mr. Shuldig's face with just eyebrows, mouth shapes, and squishing the old boy's head shape.

And Two. All cartoonists draw in either a 5-fingered or 4-fingered style. My characters have 4-fingers. No problem. Unless they have to flash a V-sign. Like Mr. Shuldig, in the last panel. Awkward.

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