Friday, March 04, 2011


Shuldig, Gaddafi, Charlie Sheen, Libya, drugs,  : Dry Bones cartoon.
There are a number of ways that Gaddafi and Charlie Sheen are different. One difference is that Charlie tweets. Gaddafi doesn't. Within 24 hours Charlie amassed one million twitter followers!

I recently got set up at twitter and at present have 85 followers.

So the score now stands at:
Charlie: 1,000,000
DryBones: 85
Gaddafi: 0

I don't know if Muammar is embarrassed by his weak showing, but I certainly am.

How about giving me a little more confidence by following me at twitter? I'm at:

And facebook folk can follow us at

BTW, I don't know how Charlie is doing at facebook.
I'm afraid to check!

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