Friday, March 11, 2011

The Happy Optimist

Egypt,  Libya,  Tunisia,  Jordan,  Islamists, Islamism,  Democracy, Media,  Optimism, Mubarak, Gaddafi: Dry Bones cartoon.
As an "Artist in Residence" at YIISA (the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism) I've been studying a specific set of unique image codes. (For a video of my presentation at Yale on these codes of Antisemitism click on Secret Codes)

These codes are used to spread viral Jew-hatred and are the focus of my upcoming May 2011 tour. If your church or synagogue would like to host an appearance/lecture please contact Rabbi Pesach Lerner at

* * *
Note photos of these codes in "Pro Democracy" demonstrations

Below: Codes in anti-Mubarak poster in Egypt:
1. "Jewish" star
2. Blood dripping from corner of mouth
3. Vampire-like fangs
4. Demonic Ears

Below: Codes in an anti-Gaddafi poster in Libya:
1. Demonic Horns
2. Blood dripping from corner of mouth
3. The "Jewish" star all over the poster
4. Use of Swastikas (which have evolved to mean Israel!!)

* * *
Oh and about the plight of the Christians, there's this, just in from CAMERA:

Coptic Christians Killed by Egyptian Military – Will the Blackout Continue?

"Coptic Christians in Egypt who are hoping that major news outlets in the United States are going to shine a light on the recent attack they endured in Helwan and their ongoing protests in Cairo have good reason to wonder exactly what is going on.

Their story is just not being told in the U.S. . . . People who rely on traditional media outlets in the U.S. for their information about the Middle East on will know very little about the attack on a church in Sool on Saturday and the ongoing failure of the Egyptian military to protect Copts in Egypt." -more

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