Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spinning the News

the Tucson shootings and th fort hood shootings: Dry Bones cartoon.
Typical soul searching about the Tucson Shooting:

"The recent shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords should cause us to examine the nature of disagreement between political groups — an underlying topic to the congresswoman's shooting. At the same time, we should also reconsider our gun control policies.

Many have noted the connections between Gifford's shooting and the idea that, as a country, we are unable to disagree without it devolving into name-calling and insults." -more

Typical "he was disturbed" analysis of the Jihadi shooter:

"Why would someone who used to be known as a seemingly rational person suddenly perpetrate a gruesome, irrational act of violence?" ...Dr. Hasan had easy access to potent brain-altering psychiatric drugs which he was probably prescribing widely to his psychologically traumatized soldier-patients, unaware of the serious dangers to them or to himself... Certain heavily-marketed psychiatric drugs are known to cause a number of serious adverse side effects including hostility, suicidality, sleep alteration, depression, mania and the potentially lethal “I don’t give a damn” attitude so common among adolescent users of antidepressant drugs." -more

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