Monday, November 22, 2010

Ask the Expert

the war in Afghanistan. NATO wants talks with the Taliban insurgents : Dry Bones cartoon.
There are reports in the media about the Americans ...oops, I mean NATO, looking for "talks" with the Taliban "insurgents".

According to the Telegraph (UK):

Taliban makes demands in Afghan peace talks

"The Afghan Taliban is demanding names of its senior leaders are removed from US and United Nations terror blacklists and that a number of prisoners are released as a precondition of further peace talks, according to a key insurgent negotiator." -more

And there are reports in the media about other "talks" with the Taliban.
According to Canadian Press:

Taliban leaders hold secret talks with Afghan president on al-Qaida linked Haqqani network
By Kathy Gannon (CP) – Oct 31, 2010

KABUL — "Three Taliban figures met secretly with Afghanistan's president two weeks ago in an effort by the Afghan government to weaken the U.S.-led coalition's most vicious enemy, a powerful al-Qaida linked network that straddles the border region with Pakistan."

A former Afghan official said the meeting in Kabul included an ex-Taliban governor, Maulvi Abdul Kabir. He comes from the same Zadran tribe as the leaders of the Haqqani network, an autonomous wing of the Taliban responsible for many attacks against U.S. and Afghan forces, the former official said over the weekend." -more

So what do YOU think is going on?

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