Monday, September 13, 2010


CAMERA: conference of the Global Delegitimization of Israel : Dry Bones cartoon.
In exactly one month I'll be in Boston. I'm scheduled to be one of the speakers at CAMERA's conference on "the Global Campaign to Delegitimize Israel" at Boston U. So if you're in the area . . .

According to the organizers:

"Israel faces a convergence of global forces that may undermine its legitimacy in the eyes of the the world community. A two-day conference will bring together international experts to articulate the enormous challenges of the moment as well as to define constructive action to be taken in countering the biased onslaught. The focus will include the role of the media, NGOs, the UN, academia and the mainline churches in threatening Israel's legitimacy. The urgent conditions in Europe will be examined as well."

For further information about the event click on CAMERA conference.

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