Thursday, August 12, 2010

Water from Turkey (1999)

(1999) Dry Bones cartoon: Turkish water delivered to Israel by tourists.
Today's Golden Oldie is a Dry Bones cartoon done in 1999!!

Back in 1999 the question of how Israel could meet its water needs was being debated. We thought we should put all our efforts into desalination. But our staunch, stable, loyal and reliable middle eastern friend and ally, Turkey, offered to sell us the water instead. They even suggested filling giant plastic balloons with water and floating them to us. That was pretty creative idea, so I tried to come up with an even more creative alternate plan.

Just eleven years later we are now faced with an anti-western and unfriendly Turkey. If you're interested in the deal they were trying to sell us, here's the story as reported in 2001:

Israel plans water pipeline from Turkey
Mediterranean conduit could thwart serious crisis in Jewish state

"...In 1999, Turkey believed she could remedy Israel's chronic water shortage by sending enormous water-filled plastic bubbles hauled by tug boats across the Mediterranean Sea. Turkish officials claimed that they could "meet Israel's water needs several times over" and that their plan was "cheaper than desalination."

"Turkey has spent $150 million on a terminal it built at the estuary of the Manavgat River, located on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. This water would be transported to Israel in two tankers, each with a capacity of 250,000 tons, from Manavgat to an unloading terminal that would be built south of Ashkelon in Israel. The water would then be transported by a pipeline that would be built to the Neguhot reservoir south of Kiryat Gat and integrated into the national water system." -more

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