Friday, August 06, 2010

Tell Tale Signs

You know you're in the future when... : Dry Bones cartoon.
Back in the Seventies, the post-67 wave of immigrants to Israel from the West were trying to adjust to the realities of life in the country. At that time Dry Bones was the star feature of the Jerusalem Post; the paper they all read. And the most popular Dry Bones cartoons were full pagers with Mr. Shuldig that were entitled "You Know You've Been Here Too Long When..."

Those cartoons wryly tracked the little things that we did which were signs of our having gone native calling a grocery store a makolet when speaking English, or smelling the cottage cheese (don't ask!).

We were strangers in a strange, new, exciting, and bewildering land.

Here in the 21st century many of us feel the same way. Like immigrants to a strange new land called the future. I thought about that when I did today's cartoon. Maybe I should start a series called "You Know You're Living In The Future When..."

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