Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Arafat's Flotilla (1988)

(1988) Dry Bones cartoon: Arafat's Refugee Boat.
Today's Golden Oldie is a Dry Bones cartoon done 22 years ago in 1988.

Back in 1988, Yasser Arafat attempted to stir up international support by a boat-based public relations plan. It was the first version of the Gaza "Flotilla"! It didn't work out. Notice that the Palestinian terrorists in the cartoon are wearing ski masks. Such a popular terrorist fashion of the day that everyone who saw the cartoon back then would have immediately recognized the speakers as terrorists.

I've posted several previous golden oldies and columns about Arafat's "Refugee" Boat campaign which made waves back in 1988. Today's cartoon marked the final sinking of the enterprise.

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