Friday, April 30, 2010


On the Tel Aviv Beach watching the sun set over Europe: Dry Bones cartoon. The seasons have changed and the weather here in the sea-side Israeli village of Herzliya Pituah is gorgeous. The Herzliya beach is just north of Tel Aviv, on the Mediterranean Sea, and just across from Europe. Lately we've been trotting down to the beach (it's a 12-minute walk) to watch the sun go down and escape from the day's hassles.

The other evening, as I watched the sun sink below the horizon and darkness spread, I said, in all innocence, that the sun was setting on Europe. A little voice in my head said "that's a political statement". It was Doobie. So I drew the cartoon and put him into it. Doobie was a wonderful, scruffy little dog who grew up with my children and grew old with me during the early "empty nest" years. He passed on many years ago but he is still with me.

Have a great weekend.

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