Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Modern Sales Pitch

the amazing i Pad : Dry Bones cartoon.
Back in the "Old Days" there was a book and a futuristic concept that fascinated a generation. The book was called "Understanding Media". It was written by Marshall McLuhan and was published in 1964.

McLuhan became the Media Guru of the sixties and a household name because of his futuristic concept that "The Medium is the Message". He taught us that the experience of reading a book was inherently different from seeing a movie which was totally different from watching TV or from reading a newspaper, in fact, postulated McLuhan, the message was not as important as the type of media that carries it. Wow! Far Out!

* * *
So here we are in the future. In the 21st century! And the message seems to now be the message?? ...and it can be carried by any form of media?

I watch TV on my Net Book, I listen to the radio on my mobile, and I occasionally make phone calls on my Desk Top. More importantly, I can read a newspaper on my computer, I can read it on my telephone, or I can read it in print on newsprint paper. Now that we live in the future, McLuhan's once-futuristic concept is out of date.

Yup. The message is now the message, but they keep teasing us with newer and newer media!?! I Pad? Enough already!

Your thoughts?

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