Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Simple Question

NATO bombing and the assasination of a Hamas terrorist in Dubai : Dry Bones cartoon.
The sloppy NATO bombing attempt gets a big ho hum while the clean Dubai hit causes an international uproar.
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The targeted bombing, according to Canadian sources:

"The air strike took place in Uruzgan province on Sunday, when NATO jets attacked a convoy of cars thought to be a group of insurgents. According to Afghan Interior Ministry spokesperson Zemeri Bashsary, the NATO attack hit three minibuses that were travelling along a road that is situated near the border between Uruzgan and Day Kundi provinces. Afghan officials say at least 21 people died in the attack, though the Afghan cabinet had reported that 27 people had been killed.

It was the deadliest NATO incident involving civilians since a German-ordered air strike killed dozens near the northern town of Kunduz last September..." -more

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The targeted execution according to Time:

"this one could have serious diplomatic consequences for Israel. It would appear that whoever was responsible underestimated Dubai's security capability. The city-state used sophisticated computer programs to quickly sift through its massive pool of security-camera footage and pinpoint the movements and travel documents of the alleged killers. More embarrassingly, the Dubai authorities are claiming that the hit team stole the identities of Israeli dual-national citizens, and traveled into Dubai using false British, Irish and French passports. Now the governments of those countries are promising swift investigations into the matter, while the European media — especially in Britain — are asking whether or not those governments were forewarned of the operation. Meanwhile, Dubai is demanding that Interpol issue an arrest warrant for the chief of Mossad. While such an action is unlikely, the moderate Arab city-state's commitment to pursue the case will be hard for its Western allies to ignore." -more

. . . with thanx to SB of Fairfax, CA for the cartoon idea.

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