Thursday, February 11, 2010

Public Enemy Number One (2004)

(20004) Dry Bones cartoon: Iran is the new threat, Iraq was the old threat.
I can't really describe today's offering as a "Golden Oldie". It's from 2004. So why am I posting it? I'll explain:

I began the Dry Bones Blog in August 2005 and much of my work in the year or two before that date is really current. But how to show them? The LSW (Long Suffering Wife) said "Just put them up as current cartoons. Why do you make things so complicated?" But putting them up as "new" seemed dishonest to me. So I decided to broaden the definition of the "Oldies Department" to function as the place to "reprint" all pre-blog material.

* * *
For the next few Tuesdays and Thursdays I'll be running a few of these recent (but pre-blog) Dry Bones cartoons about the Iranian threat. Why does she say I make things complicated?

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