Monday, February 01, 2010

J Street

What does the J in J-Street stand for?: Dry Bones cartoon.
Some background info about today's cartoon:

1.The "J" in J Street does not stand for "Jewish".

"K Street" is slang for Washington's lobbyists because so many major Washington lobbying firms are located there. But although there's an I Street and a K Street, J Street is missing. Hence the name chosen for the "missing" anti-Israeli lobby of American Jewry.

2.The J Street Iranian connection:

A National Iranian American Council board member gave at least $10,000 to J Street.The National Iranian American Council is widely viewed as the unofficial lobby in America for the Iranian regime. In other words, J Street is getting money and working with the group which supports President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the world's most powerful antisemite who seeks to wipe Israel off the map. -More from the Rubin Report.

3.The J Street Arab and pro-Arab connection:

One J Street supporter is Zahi Khouri, a wealthy Palestinian businessman, who considers AIPAC and Netanyahu "enemies of peace"

Another J Street donor is a board member of Human Rights Watch, an organization that targets Israel with unfair criticism, and which was recently exposed because it solicited funds from the Saudi government, enticing them by promising to continue its biased investigations of Israel.

J Street advisor Judith Barnett worked for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Trade, and became a registered agent for Saudi Arabia. -More from Stand With Us

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