Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dropping a Zero (1980)

(1980) Dry Bones cartoon: currency change in Israel from the Lira to the Shekel.
Today's Golden Oldie was done 30 years ago in February 1980.

Back then Israel had decided to switch our national currency from the distinctly non-Hebrew "Lira" (plural Lirot)to the historically and linguistically correct "Shekel".

Think that's complicated? Not for us. We implemented two simple changes. One was to change the word Lira to Shekel on the banknotes. The second thing was to chop a zero off the numbers. So a 100 Lira note became a 10 Shekel note. But it looked the same. Almost. Got it? Maybe if I show you?

100 Lira banknote:
Front and Back


10 Shekel banknote:
Front and Back

* * *
Understand? So now go back and read the cartoon again. You'll see that Mr. Shuldig understands the economic impact of the currency change right up until the very last panel.

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