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Palestinian Authority names streets, stadiums, to honor terrorist murderers : Dry Bones cartoon.
You probably don't recognize the name Dalal Mughrabi, but Palestinian children certainly will.

Back in 1978:
Dalal Mughrabi was a Palestinian terrorist.

In March of 1978 she led one of the most cruel and deadly terror attacks in Israel’s history. She and her fellow terrorists landed in rubber boats on a beach near Tel Aviv. On that beach, photographing rare birds was American photographer Gail Rubin. After first questioning her, the terrorists then murdered her in cold blood and went on to hijack a bus on the nearby coastal road, killing 37 civilians, 12 of them children.

Now, in 2009:
The Palestinian Authority, under the control of the Abbas government, has set up a modern new computer center. It will be named "after the martyr Dalal Mughrabi," the female terrorist who led that deadly 1978 attack. The new center is funded by Abbas's office, which receives Western aid money.

Earlier this year, on the anniversary of the Mughrabi murders, PA TV broadcast a special program celebrating the terror attack, calling the killing of 37 civilians "one of the most important and most prominent special operations... carried out by a team of heroes and led by the heroic fighter Dalal Mughrabi”.

Last summer the PA sponsored "the Dalal Mughrabi football championship" for kids.

The Abbas government runs a "summer camp named for martyr Dalal Mughrabi... out of honor and admiration for the martyr."

The Abbas government held a party to honor exemplary students, named "for the martyr Dalal Mughrabi," under the auspices of Abbas and at which Abbas's representative "reviewed the heroic life of the martyr [Mughrabi]

In 2002, the US provided money for renovations of the "Dalal Mughrabi school for girls". After PMW alerted the US State Department to Mughrabi's terrorist past, the funding was cancelled. Within 24 hours, the PA said the name would be changed, and the American money was reinstated. Once the work was completed, however, the school was renamed for the terrorist. It bears Mughrabi's name to this day.

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You probably don't recognize the name Salakh Khalaf, but Palestinian children certainly will. One reason is that today's Palestinian kids can enjoy the sports fun at the Salakh Khalaf soccer field.(Funded with U.S. AID money)

Khalaf was the head of the Palestinian terror group that murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics and two American diplomats in Sudan.

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