Monday, December 14, 2009

Lebanese Army

Dry Bones cartoon: Hezbollah and the Army of Lebanon.
The developing story as reported in the Lebanese newspaper, The Daily Star:

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the Lebanese government on Monday it will be held accountable for any aggression from Hizbullah after allowing the resistance to retain its weapons. He also launched a scathing attack on UN Security Council Resolution 1701, claiming it had “collapsed” and was playing no role in preventing Hizbullah stockpiling huge arsenals of rockets.

“Hizbullah is today the real Lebanese army and it has replaced Lebanon’s army as the dominant force by arming and organizing itself as a full-fledged military,” Netanyahu told parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee.

“The Lebanese government and Hizbullah are becoming entwined and they will bear the responsibility for any attack against Israel,” a senior official who attended the meeting quoted Netanyahu as saying." -more

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