Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Future Shock

The Old Folks learned to Email, So the Youngsters Are Now Twittering : Dry Bones cartoon.
Today's Dry Bones cartoon is called Future Shock. Future Shock was a concept and a book published back in 1970 by Alvin Toffler.

The term refers to the confusion and disorientation which, he claimed, we would all suffer in the future. It would occur when technological advances would come faster than we, as individuals or as societies, could handle. Back then. Toffler was called a "futurist" (as opposed to a sociologist). His simplest definition of future shock was "too much change in too short a period of time".

* * *
So welcome to the future.
Are you paying attention?
or are you off some place twittering? Hello? Hello? Are you there?
* * *
Oh, and there's now a website called "Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook"

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