Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friends (1994)

(1994) Dry Bones cartoon: Christians, Muslims, and the Golden Age of Spain.
Today's Golden Oldie is a Dry Bones cartoon done 15 years ago in 1994.

It's two weeks since I returned to Israel from my speaking tour in the States. These days I find that lots of Christian activists are on our side. It's really exciting to speak in an pro-Israel evangelical church!! To be among Righteous Gentiles! Real Zionists! Fantastic!

On the way back from America I had a nine-hour stopover in Amsterdam. So I took the train from Schipol airport into town. While on the platform, waiting for a train, I bumped into a couple of American Christian Missionaries who lived in England. After hearing me offer assistance in Hebrew to some Israeli tourists, they eagerly expressed their love for me, for Israel, for the Jewish People, and then they went into their missionary pitch.

I explained to them that I considered their attempts to convert Jews away from Judaism was cultural and religious genocide. They promised to pray for me and stuffed their propaganda into my hand. Since then I've been upset about their spoiling my warm and cozy feelings about Christians.

So I posted today's Golden Oldie.

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