Thursday, September 03, 2009

Summer's End (1999)

Summer Fall Autumn Israel cafe coffee newspaper lifeguards teachers : Dry Bones cartoon.
Today's cartoon is from August 30, 1999

The August heat of 2009 has been brutal, but last night I convinced the LSW (Long Suffering Wife) that we should trudge up the hill to the latest addition to our neighborhood. A new outdoor cafe. One that is open 'til midnight. To our surprise the weather had changed. A cool night breeze was blowing.

We got to the cafe, ordered two cups of coffee (the LSW went with decaf), and perused the day's newspapers (traditionally provided to patrons at Israeli cafes) as we chatted. The cool of the evening bordered on chilly.

The cartoon that I did ten years ago ends with a cynical punchline, but last night was indeed one of those magical Israeli moments. Sitting at an outdoor cafe, sipping coffee, reading a newspaper, and chatting about the pleasant weather.

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