Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama Meets the Jews

Obama Meets the Jews, but snubs the ZOA and CAMERA : Dry Bones cartoon.
This week Barack Obama met with leaders of American Jewish Organizations. It was an attempt to confront the growing concern about his policy towards the beleaguered Jewish State. Obviously the President had decided not to seriously debate the issue at the gathering, since both the Zionist Organization of America and CAMERA were locked out of the meeting.

* * *
From time to time I decide to create new characters for the strip. The two worried guys in today's cartoon represent a couple of American Jewish activists. I didn't decide to create them, they just seemed to appear. I've used them a few times already and just now recognized them as new characters. Given the growing anti-Israel pressure coming out of the White House, I figure I'll be drawing them more and more.

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